Internationale Prüfungs-Ordnung /
International Gebrauchshunde Prüfungsordnung
(valid as of 01/01/2019)


IPO - formerly known as Schutzhund, is a three part sport which includes Tracking, Obedience and Protection phases. The dog must pass all three phases in the trial to be able to earn an IPO working title. The pre-requisite for competing in any IPO trial is that the dog and handler must have passed a basic temperament and obedience test known as BH.

Tracking: In the tracking phase, the dog must show  

good focus and intensity and accurately following the track left by a person and accurately indicating each article left by that person on the track.

Obedience: Here, both dog and handler must work as a team to perform various obedience exercises in a particular order. The dog must perform each exercise in a happy and confident manner whilst complying to the Handler's command quickly and accurately.

Protection: In the protection phase, the dog must complete a variety of exercises designed to test the dog's courage, power and control. To earn high scores, the dog must demonstrate power, commitment, courage, attentiveness and focused intensity, strong and firm grip and active fight against the helper in each exercise, but at the same time remaining under the Handler's verbal control at all times.

The original intent of IPO was to serve as a breeding suitability test for working dogs by testing their mental stability, temperament, endurance, structural efficiency, natural scenting ability, courage, desire to work and intelligence. Thus ensuring that the dogs that are used for breeding actually possess the genetic working traits valued in these breeds. Till this day, IPO trials still provide a significant method to prove the value and utility of breeding dogs, making sure that valuable traits mentioned above are not lost to future generations.

Why IPO?

The training for IPO helps the Handlers and their dogs to develop a unique teamwork and partnership and to teach the dog that he must remain in control of himself even when he is in an excited state of mind. This will result in an obedient dog which the Handler will have excellent control over.

IPO competitions provide Handlers with a platform to showcase their hard work as well as to find out where

they stand in their training and to help them identify which area they will still need to work on. It also provides the Handlers with the mental training to be able to handle their dogs well under pressure. These competitions further provide Handlers with the "passport" to compete at World Championship Events without which they would not qualify for.

Malaysian Schutzhund Club would like to give all competitors as much support as possible so that they may achieve success in the World Championships and make Malaysia proud.

Pet or Competition Dog?

As pet owners, you may also compete in Schutzhund, Schutzhund provides your dog with a job to do and is an excellent outlet for their energy by providing mental and physical stimulation to prevent them. The training for Schutzhund allows your dog to develop more confidence, strength whilst keeping a clear head and a balance of drives with control. For many working line dogs, Schutzhund is obviously their sport of choice as the training is innately interesting to both dogs and Handlers.

If you decide to pursue dogsports with your dog, you will learn to have fun while gaining cooperation and control with your dogs. It will also teach you, the handler how to read your dog, how to work with him, how to teach him effectively by rewarding the behaviour you want just at the right moment. The beauty and harmony of relationship you will achieve with your dogs is an amazing thing to have and experience when you traverse the journey of dogsports.

IGP Rules (valid as of 01/01/2019)

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